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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[WoW] Blizz Trademarks "Warlords of Draenor" what?

Edit: Name confirmed at Blizzcon, chalk another one up for Boubille!

So MMO-Champion has posted today that Blizzard has filed a trademark for "Warlords of Draenor," but, being a student of law I thought I'd do a brief post explaining what it means. As a quick disclaimer; it is very possible that this application is fake. Only a month or so ago a fake "Halflife 3" trademark was dug up and was later debunked. So I write this under full knowledge that tomorrow we might find out that this is completely false. Still, with luck I can shed some light on what this application means.

So glad the PTO has gone electronic
So Blizzard has filed a trademark under International Classes 9 and 41 which include software and electronic entertainment resources respectively. (Source). Furthermore, Blizzard has filed this under a Section 1B filing basis. This is an "Intent to Use" filing, meaning that they have not already used the mark in commerce. Assuming the Trademark office approves the mark they will get a "Notice of Allowance" which gives them six months in which to file a "Statement of Use" which is a document filed to show proof of use in commerce (and they can extend this to up to three years by requesting extensions). Only when the Statement is accepted by the trademark office will the trademark application be granted a Registration Certificate (essentially meaning full Trademark protection).

What does this mean? Well if the filing is real it strongly suggests that Blizzards is intending to use the mark in the near future, and it's proximity to Blizzcon, in my opinion, further evidences that it's likely the name of the next expansion.

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  1. When Boubouille says "that on a personal level I'm pretty confident about this one.", that is all I need to know. He has always been right.