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Update 7/30/2015: I recommend Commenters be familiar with the fallacy of relative privation, because committing it will likely get your comment moderated.

This is my blog, it's meant as a place for discussion, and is designated as a safe space. Harassment, venom, and hostility are not permitted, and I reserve the right to moderate away any comments that I deem to be such, though I will aim to be as just with that policy as possible. If you submit a comment and it does not appear, it may have been moderated and you are free to contact me seeking clarification. Comments that add to the discussion are welcome, even if I do not necessarily agree with them. In short, commenting here is a privilege, not a right, keep that in mind when you submit them.

Posts older than 2 weeks require approval for comments; generally this is because posts that old have lost their relevance.

Furthermore, as this is my blog I reserve the right to change my rules at any time, and the right to apply changes retroactively, etc etc. I don't plan on doing so, but this is forewarning.

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