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Friday, August 7, 2015

[WoW] Why Varian should be nervous...

As I was pondering the WoW storyline so far and looking at the upcoming content I struck upon the notion that this is all a repeat of what has happened before. I mean it is obvious that Legion invasions are a repeat, but the nature of the story itself is littered with similarities. It really hit me when I noticed a particular scene in the features trailer.

Here we see Khadgar fly into Stormwind Keep to warn Varian and Anduin about the impending Legion invasion in almost the same way his teacher once tried to warn King Terenas Menethil. That got me thinking about the events so far.

[✔] - Orcs invaded Azeroth, were pushed back, and then defeated on Draenor
[✔] - Orc culture/society is going through an upheaval (post-Garrosh)
[✔] - Night Elves haven't done shit in the story for a while but are about to
[✔] - The Legion is invading Azeroth
[✔] - Illidan freed
[   ] - Human prince turns evil and murders his father

Just saying, there's some precedent. Certainly doesn't help that Anduin is now sporting the same haircut Arthas did around the time he decided to "stop" the plague and take over Lordaeron. Perhaps it was incidental, but I am thinking Blizzard has intentionally allowed time to come full circle so that we're basically reliving a slightly different version of Warcraft 3.

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