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Monday, March 19, 2012

Calling it right now...

So MMO-Champion has posted a slew of Mists of Pandaria information as the press tour gets kicking, and while a full post on my opinion on the issues is forthcoming (sneak preview: Its basically the same optimism I looked at the previous expansions with) I thought I'd get a few things out of the way right now:

- It will be called "Dumbed down" by the hardcore crowd; Scenario's granting VP will bring forth cries of "Welfare epics" even more than heroics did.
- The Big One: Subscriber numbers will jump up around Mist's release (possibly peaking around Wrath levels), then return to the generally downward slope that they have been taking. People will claim half a dozen reasons: Dumbed down raid content, 'dance bosses', Monks being over/under powered, lack of content overall, old engine and so on.
- At least 1 interesting feature from the press release today will not make it to live.
- "Gear Normalization" will become a huge issue; no one will agree on how best to implement it (things like Hit getting scaled down will play havoc with people's preparations).
- There WILL be "builds of the month" for running challenge dungeons just as there were in 3v3 Arena; these will often include Disc or Monk healers capable of DPSing while healing.
- Assuming Monks stay as is, they will be unpopular to start unless overpowered; otherwise the "Active" nature of their healing will turn people off (since it requires other people to think).

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