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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Challenge Mode Armor in Mists has cool features?

A short post today on a little gem I found in the Mists Beta. In what I consider a somewhat ambitious step Blizzard is adding new "Special" effects to armor gained for completing Challenge dungeons at Silver level...and I love the idea!

From MMO-Champion
Collecting all the silver medals will earn you visually spectacular gear that can be used for transmogrification. All of these sets have been built completely custom for each class and are unlike any other armor set that we have in the game. In addition, something that we are doing with these armor sets that we have never done before is giving them all unique effects that trigger off of something you do with your character class.
 Now while this is almost painfully vague, it gives me hope that these effects might be rather grand. The way I see it we could be seeing anything from small bits of flare (a flash of light somewhere) or extreme effects (the armor contributing to the animation). I get the feeling that many of these effects are meant to be "visual" rather than set bonuses as we've seen in the past; mainly because they are meant for transmogrification.

I hope this catches on and expands to other areas of the game, I think it would be great if certain armor sets had small effects that added to the animation. Imagine if:
  • Voidheart caused the "black hole" on its back to coalesce into your shadowbolts, making it appear as though you drew your spell from the nether.
  • Absolution Regalia's shoulderpad eyes would flare upon casting certain heals.
  • Cataclysm Regalia caused your lava bursts to be drawn from the shoulders themselves.
We know little about what these armor sets will end up doing, but I think it's a great step towards enabling individuality and letting people set the "theme" of their character through their armor. Suffice to say I hope Blizzard plans on adding more features like this; as well as to weapons such as the Flamestaff from Firelands, that grant certain effects to certain characters (and I wish they would allow those effects to be transferred through my 10 man our feral druid was very sad the day she replaced the flamestaff).

Edit: I'm curious about the ideas of others; what other interesting/fun effects do you think they could add to armor?

Edit 2: Title changed to avoid confusion, no screens yet sadly!

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