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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Elemint's Draenor Safari #NBI2015Safari

Inspired by Murf's NBI screenshot safari challenge (and completely ignoring the rules thereof 'cause I ain't part of your system! Disqualify thi-[CENSORED]) I ended up packing up my Print Screen key and heading out into the wilds of Draenor. Aided by Aviana's Feather I went on a whirlwind safari in hopes of getting a few shots to capture the beauty of Blizzard's latest continent. As anyone who follows me on Twitter will know I am incredibly critical of Blizzard, but at the same time there's a certain nostalgic fondness for them in my heart, and if they are good at one thing it's making gorgeous landscapes. Keeping in mind that I am just a fan, not a photographer so please bear with my novice (read: terrible) skills. So without further ado, lets go on a trip.... (I think it goes without saying that these are for the Landscape theme)

Nagrand, Cerulean Lagoon
First I headed towards a zone that holds a special place in my heart. Nagrand was my favorite zone in The Burning Crusade expansion and has yet to be unseated. That said, the new Nagrand is a fitting homage and I wanted to juxtapose the hills and forests of Nagrand with the encroaching Zangarmarsh mushrooms. Zangarmarsh easily is one of the most impressive zones from an artistic standpoint so I wanted to include some elements of both. Though limited by draw distance, the continent in the distance is Frostfire Ridge, the Horde starting zone and home of their Garrison. Speaking of the Horde Garrison...
Horde Garrison. If you're horde this expansion you'll never leave this place.
I liked the juxtaposition of harsh red with the softer purple of Frostfire's sky. The brown, gray, and red of Horde architecture stands out starkly against the blue-gray rocks and white snow throughout the region. Also there's buzzards crapping everywhere....
Auchindoun, somewhat more intact than TBC
Shattrath City, less intact than TBC. I think this is my favorite, and the one I would submit to the safari.
Talador features two locations players saw a great deal of in TBC; Auchindoun and Shattrath City. Ironically they have somewhat switched places, with Auchindoun now more intact and Shattrath under siege. I like the purple and white of Draenei architecture mixed with the red-gold of Talador's trees. I've always been a fan of sweeping curves and floating crystals. In taking these shots I felt a moment of sadness for the Shattrath that might have been.
A terrifying sight if you're an Arakkoa
A view from the other direction, somewhat marred by draw distance
The central landmark of the Spires of Arak
Spires of Arak is actually one of the most visually boring zones in my opinion, but it tells an interesting story and I like the way Blizzard managed to utilize concave curves in Arakkoa architecture as compared to the convex of Draenei. Plus I'm a sucker for tall, ominous towers that can shoot with that what you will.

Shadowmoon Valley is the zone I often see described as most beautiful in the expansion and I think people have a point. There's a gorgeous mix of blues, purples, and greens that gives that eternal twilight feel. Something about the use of color just makes the zone "feel" magical which I believe is the major component of that love. That said, the Alliance garrison is here...lucky punks.
Karabor sans the Illidan
Karabor is so much more peaceful without the demon infestation, though the guards were not too keen on a Horde Shaman running around taking pictures.

So there's your quick Safari minus any pictures from Gorgrond because I ran out of time, but it's all rocks and weird jungle trees anyways. Hope you enjoyed! Please like, comment, subscribe, pledge your firstborn, deposit a DNA sample, thumps up, do a dance, favstar or whatever it is the kids do these days if you like what you saw.

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  1. Drop the self-effacing parts, you have done a fine job here, sir!