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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jasyla's Gaming Questionnaire, my answers

I saw Jasyla's gaming questionnaire and I decided to take my own swing at it!

1. When did you start playing video games?

I think it was around when I was 6 or 7; my older cousin had a regular Nintendo and we played together.

2. What is the first game you remember playing?

Joust on my cousin's Nintendo, I remember thinking it was hilarious that we were knights riding around on chickens.

3. PC or Console?

PC! I've owned consoles, but I am not a fan of the business model or having to keep up to date with 2-3 consoles and pay other fees. Though that was partly due to being on limited income (law student), if I ever get a decently paying job that might change.

4. XBox, PlayStation, or Wii? 

Wii probably, my favorite multiplayer memories are all on the Wii. On the other hand, I prefer the games on Xbox/Playstation for solo.

5. What’s the best game you’ve ever played? 

This is a tough category to judge because there are so many games I loved, the top competitors are Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, and Mass Effect. Though young Clockwork put a TON of hours into Goldeneye...

6. What’s the worst game you’ve ever played? 

If we're talking just purely bad gameplay it was probably something I played on Nintendo. Though I think "worst" is better answered by the game I think disappointed the most, and that was All Points Bulletin; it just faceplanted so critically it deserves it's name on a cautionary tale.

7. Name a game that was popular/critically adored that you just didn’t like.

Final Fantasy 7, it just never grabbed me and now I can't play it because I end up comparing it to modern games that fixed its issues.

8. Name a game that was poorly received that you really like.

Was just talking about this with a friend; Hellgate London. Now I don't play it's current form (the one owned by a different company. I enjoyed the gameplay and I thought it had a ton of potential for an RPG that could be played as a caster, FPS, or Third-person fighter game.

9. What are your favourite game genres?

I like almost all of them. I guess I am not fond of dating-sims or 2d-platformers but that's really about it.

10. Who is your favourite game protagonist?

Jane Shepard!

11. Describe your perfect video game.

Open world fantasy MMORPG with less massive scaling than most MMOs (as in, max and minimum level would be a much smaller difference, if there are levels at all), semi-action combat but not overly flashy (so toned combat down from Wildstar/Guild Wars 2). A giant continent at LEAST the size of Just Cause 2's map that generates quests on the fly for players. Mostly player constructed settlements and economy but w/out the cutthroat dynamic of EVE or Archeage. Fight Smaug-sized dragons or other creatures but with no classes; just builds ala Skyrim.

12. What video game character do have you have a crush on?

At the risk of going full Mass Effect fan, it's kind of a tie between Liara and Tali.

13. What game has the best music? 

Guilty confession but I often turn off music in games because I usually talk to people on Skype or am watching Netflix at the same time. However WoW has consistently impressed me when I do listen.

14. Most memorable moment in a game:

IMO this scene displayed the narrative power of games and how a clever developer could potentially manipulate the player in a way previously done only in film and literature.

15. Scariest moment in a game:

Probably a situation in F.E.A.R; I'd give it to the time you turn around and nothing is there, then turn back and Alma is briefly in place...I can't remember the specific one.

16. Most heart-wrenching moment in a game:

When Lucca's mom gets injured (Chrono Trigger). The feeling of panic and helplessness as I frantically tried to punch in LARA got to me.

Alternatively, from a more recent game...well without being too explicit, "Had to be me, someone else might have gotten it wrong."

17. What are your favourite websites/blogs about games?

Too many to list and I would leave someone out; everyone on my blogroll obviously!

18. What’s the last game you finished? 

Depending on your definition of "finished" I think the last was Saints Row 4. I've been playing other games but none that have finite finish lines.

19. What future releases are you most excited about?

Gigantic looks like a lot of fun and I am eager to try out Heroes of the Storm.

20. Do you identify as a gamer?

I do, despite the label having a lot of negativity attached I think it can be saved.

21. Why do you play video games? 

I could probably spend a lot of time on this but mainly because I enjoy them; I like getting to enjoy a story from inside the story or getting to immerse myself in a fanciful world. I also like getting to play things with friends. In video games we can do things that we never could IRL whether due to reality itself, physical issues, or distance.

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