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Saturday, May 3, 2014

[NBI] Why write? Why not?

When it comes to blogging everyone has their own story. In my case the story is surprisingly short. Like any gamer I spent a large amount of my non-gaming time thinking about them, and at some point I can't remember I was introduced to the WoW blogosphere from a link on WoWwiki. I ended up at Tobold's blog and from there I was hooked. I read many of the larger blogs of the time, many now sadly defunct like Letters from Birdfall and Big Red Kitty. Others power on, and while for a time I was content to be the occasional comment (usually arguing with Gevlon, I was quite active there around 2012), I eventually decided that I was less interested in reacting to their topics and wanted to talk about what was on my mind some of the time. Thus "Out of Beta" was born.

One might ask, why write? Why blog? For me the answer came naturally; why not? I have thoughts, ideas, and opinions that I feel like expressing and the internet affords me the means to put them out into the world. So I cast my digital note-in-a-bottle out onto the internet and see where it ends up.

If you're reading this, and want to blog but aren't certain, I'd suggest you ask yourself what's stopping you. Afraid of harassment? Write under an alias and moderate your comments. Not sure anyone will read/care? So what? Ideas aren't any more or less valid purely based on exposure. Nothing to write about? Okay that part is difficult, but there are plenty of blogs out there, you can always start by writing your own responses to their ideas. Some people will disagree, some will ignore, I've certainly had plenty of both. The perk of blogging mainly on opinion topics is that people are rarely "right" or "wrong."

Personally I've found it to be a rewarding experience and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. So why not give it a shot?


  1. And we're all happy to have you around!

  2. Good post and sound advice. I found that once I started blogging for myself rather than others, (ignore the hits and comments), it was a more enjoyable persuit.

    1. I agree completely; it really helped when I stopped worrying about that

  3. Love this post. :)
    It's so much fun to blog when you take the (unnecessary) pressure off of yourself. =o