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Thursday, October 17, 2013

[WoW] Looking for Repugnants

So a luck Burden of Eternity drop resulted in my eligibility for the Siege of Ogrimmar LFR. Eager to see the newest, shiniest raid I jumped in this morning. I can't entirely complain about how things went given that we only wiped once on the Sha of Pride. Still, what never ceases to amaze me is how much verbal abuse goes on in LFR and how generally unnecessary it is.

Lets clarify a few assumptions I like to make about LFR: we all want to kill the bosses, we want to do the least work possible, and we all want to finish in a reasonable time. As it turns out, the verbal abuse doesn't speed up that process. You might think that by yelling obscenities mixed with strategic advice (eg: "YOU F**KING IDIOTS SPREAD WHEN HE DOES SWELL") you are helping your fellow raiders. But the truth is that most of us just tune out that kind of talk and ignore it. Believe it or not people work much better when emboldened than they do when torn down.

A relic of dungeon finder, most people go on to assume that everyone else in the LFR knows every fight in and out. As it turns out, the Dungeon Journal is actually kind of terrible at telling you what to do and not every player plays with WoWWiki open in a tab. I also frankly don't think they should be expected to.

Calmly stating a brief strategy for the fight, or even having someone offer to call out targets, actually makes things go a lot more smoothly. Remarkably, the vast majority of people there are plenty capable of handling LFR with only limited instruction. Few people are actually there to troll you, and they'll be obvious and kicked by the raid sooner than later. The bar is intentionally set VERY low, there is truly no need for you to be trying to artificially raising it by suddenly placing additional expectations on people in LFR.

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  1. Do flex. So much better.