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Thursday, September 5, 2013

100th Post!

It's taken me a long time to get here; over a year and a half. I am not exactly the fastest poster in the West, but it's been an enjoyable journey through many different games and I've learned a great deal in the process. In the next hundred posts I hope to expand a bit more, write some guides, and be a bit more aggressive in putting myself out there (such as starting a twitter account, a thing I never thought I'd do)!

Since this is such a unique occasion I thought I'd share some of the humor and experiences along the way, but I promise to dive back into gaming discussion after this.

First, my most viewed post is: New DK PvP Armor, next iconic set? And it is followed closely by my somewhat biting satire of SMITE in Lessons from Games #1: All Goddesses wore heels. Though in terms of "rate of views" the latter is far outstripping the former; the former is just much older.

Then there is the somewhat amusing ticker showing me what search results on Google have recently brought people to me...
Not just to the blog, but to the Goddesses in Heels post for the first one
The first one stays consistent, the others tend to shift around but I always like to sit back and wonder why people are searching for things...for example; why is someone searching for "most conservative league of legends..." Perhaps a cosplayer wanting something more covering? Another blogger doing research? Who knows. One thing is for sure; people are looking for SMITE porn...and I am not helping them find it.

As far as traffic sources, the highest accolade goes to Rohan at Blessing of Kings, which brings me a great deal of traffic (and for which I am eternally appreciative!) Rohan was the first person (that I am aware of) to add me to a feed, so has helped me grow through exposure. To others who have added me, you also have my sincerest thanks, and as I continue blogging I will endeavor to ensure it was a good decision.

I've gone through many games this year, and some have stuck better than others, but it seems my search for a game that will give me the same mileage as WoW or FFXI will have to continue. That said, Firefall has kept pulling me back, as has Guild Wars 2. I got a brief look at Wildstar at PAX, and it might be a candidate (we'll see once I get into the beta *cough cough*).

As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged; I like hearing other points of view (though also ask they always be kept respectful to all). You keep playing, I'll keep writing.

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