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Monday, January 16, 2012

Mists of Pandaria Wishlist

The following is something of a "Wishlist" for Mists of Pandaria; I know they are not going to do any of these but these are things I'd like to see. The goal is not to overpower anyone, any new capabilities these would give a class would have to be compensated for.

  • Make Survival a mainly melee tree that moves in and out of melee range to deal damage. Some example abilities would: Increased damage to next ranged shot after using disengage, a shot that does increased damage based on your range, increased focus gain in melee.
  • A talent for beastmasters: When you crit your pet's next ability does more damage, and when your pet crits your next ability does more.
  • Throwing weapons; they're going away otherwise, might as well let Trolls be Spearthrowers for once.
  • DPS to heal! More mechanics similar to Disc priests. My main concern about Challenge dungeons is that they will favor higher DPS and thus the healers that can deal damage will be powerful. Allow ALL healers to do more than just play green whack-a-mole.
  • Exorcism heals (allow it to target friendlies, replace Word of Glory) and casts 33/66/100% faster per point of holy power.
  • Give Paladins a true benefit from going into melee and healing.
  • Remove Intellect plate; allow paladins to use either tank or DPS plate...would also solve the melee issue.
  • Same as paladin, DPS to heal! (This goes for all healers really, aside from Disc Priests since they already can)
  • Give Druids a talent that encourages shifting in combat: For example have an ability that increases the effectiveness of their next heal when they shift out of cat form, or let them preserve the armor and defensive benefits of bear form for a few seconds after shifting out of it.
  • Ability to detonate Mushrooms in bear form.
  • Allow for a floating combo point as a talent or spec mechanic; a 6th combo point that is not used up when you use a finisher and is generated when an attack would generate a 6th point.
  • Give pure classes some utility and reason for being present; give me a reason to take a pure over a hybrid. (Or remove pures all together!)
  • Make subraces playable, allow people to play things like: Dark Iron Dwarves, Leper Gnomes, Wildhammer Dwarves, High Elves, Withered Blood Elves, Mag'har Orcs, Gilnean Humans, Highborn night elves; when the lore is appropriate.
  • Have staves and other caster weapons used in the casting animations or give it as an option.
  • Differentiate the playstyle of certain hybrids: Rogues (Assassination/Subtlety) and Hunters (Marksman/Survival) are too similar as is and the new Talents exasperate that. (This goes back to my melee hunter suggestion).
  • Allow Healers to DPS (mentioned in previous entries) but let them be like Disc; allow them to do about 50% of a DPS's damage while still providing a healing role.
This list will surely expand as we go along, other classes to be added!

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